To Super crop or not to super crop?

Do yall think i should super crop those tall stems in the back to help even out my canopy a little


Looks like you have buttons coming in, which should mean your vertical growth is about to slow down. As long as you have reasonable distance to lights I would probably leave them.


Are there 2 plants in there? If so put the shorter plant on a booster seat to get an even canopy and tie the taller stems down :love_you_gesture:


She looks nice and healthy. As mentioned above your about tapped out in the vertical category. You will get alittle hight when the flower forms and swells but not the veg. growth that has been happening.

I think I would slightly pull (LST) a few of the taller sections to the side. Trying to even the canopy out overall. This will allow for even light distribution across the room.
But… in all reality you would be perfectly fine to simply let her ride it out as is. She looking real nice!

I would lean away from super cropping a plant that is in such good shape and about past its final stretch. Kinda working against what the plant wants to do. Plus it looks like you have the room to choose healthier options.

Happy farming…


Just wanted to hop in to say your plants are looking fantasitic and beautiful! Happy growing!