Am I trimming right?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Am I trimming right? I want to have thick vegetation before they go out side. End of April.

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If you’re talking about topping, looks good from what I seen. However your plants are pretty stretchy to have a bushy like appearance. You can probably lower your lights a little.


Good call @dbrn32 But no more trimming. She is more than trimed out for now.


Really don’t know why all yoy peps think tiping or toping is good tighing down you plant dose same thing only you have your main tip still no need to top

Can you show me a plant that looks like this without being topped, and I’ll quit topping mine


@HornHead LOL I am not volunteering for trimming duty! Awesome! Nice job!

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There you go none of these have been topped

And this one says it all IMG_3661|213x320


The difference between all those and the one I shown. All yours are outside, mine was grown inside, those look to be all at least a couple ft tall, mine, not over 18"


You really cant compare a outdoor grows to a indoor grows since size is normally not a issue out doors @HornHead @Caosred
But this is not the place to really argue it
Both techniques have there place and advantages and we all use the ones we feel most comfortable with
I perfer topping and super cropping over lst training myself and i grow indoors and outdoors

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