Trimming for better light

Hey friends!

One of my buddies reached out to me worried about how he cleaned up his bushy girl. He asked if I could post “in that FB group” to get the opinion of some more experienced growers. :rofl:

Can anyone give me your thoughts on this before and after?

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Not as many details as would be helpful. But providing it’s the right timing and a healthy plant… she won’t even notice and will bounce back in full force. I can’t wait to drop some weight off mine!

Haha yes sorry for the lack of details! He sort of goes to the beat of his own drum :heart:

I appreciate the input :blush:

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No harm no foul. There’s a crazy amount of knowledge here that many are willing to give. Detailed information and detailed questions… give detailed answers!

Since you helped I hope he’s sharing!

Hit the magnifier and do a quick search on defoliation. You’ll be surprised what these plants can take.


Honestly it cracks me up when he comes to me with questions! He lived in Cali for awhile just to learn to grow well but is clueless about certain little bits. I’m just getting ready to harvest my 2nd mini grow :rofl:. When he had a room full of seeded plants he had no idea why :woman_facepalming:. I get samples and side jobs from him so can’t complain :muscle:

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Have him join us! We love the company around here. He’d probably lose a week of his life when first signing on just reading… I know I did.

Agreed! He gets sketched out when I mention it :joy:

I’m about to start my first outdoor grow so I’ve got lots of reading to do!

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I’m doing the same. Good luck!

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You too!!!

LOL Which “leaf” did he trim??? Looks more like a “comb” than a cut. Definitely did not hurt her at all. Healthy looking plant with decent light penetration, I would let it veg some more and start taking out the lower stems internally that will not produce. Maybe take a few fan leaves out but she looks good to me.