To flower or to not flower

I am a noob… When it comes to growing. I have three plants which I’m started from seed. White Widow in front, Strawberry Kush back left, and Bubblegum back right. Great seeds from ILGM. I’m in week 4 of veg… My tent is only 6 ft tall. A day ago, I just topped my side shoots. Should I wait to transition to flower. I was thinking of waiting until week 5… Your thoughts


Autos? If so theyll go into flower regardless at a certain point.

I’m sorry, I forgot to mention that these are not auto’s

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Never grown those strains. Consider lst or scog. Ive got crystal growing & ive lst the branches several times. Although they will have a growth spurt at first flowering after that they just fatten up.

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@Saint. Wait 2 weeks after you do any training then you can throw them into flower it gives them time to recover. Or when you are about 40% of your available height or you will run out of space.

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I plan to scog this grow. I’m was more concerned about the fact that I just topped… I have read that there will be a 2 to 3 x growth the first weeks of flower.

Yes space was my concern… I just topped the sides and was curious… Thanks for your ideas

@Saint if you are going to Scrog. Keep them in veg until your screen is 80% full then put them into flower. Just the colas will grow up above the screen and you will have the room. You can veg for as long as you want.

Oh So I put the screen in first… I thought it goes in a few weeks after I begin flower…
Won’t the plants stretch too far above the Scrog… I’m expecting 2 to 3 x growth… Again I’m new at this

As they grow you gently weave the new growth through the Scrog to make a bed of green. When you switch to flower and the buds grow up…don’t tuck those.

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This really sums it up nicely @Saint

you need to be topping and or fimming to get as many tops going as you need to cover the screen.

Welcome to the ILGM Forums! Happy to help!


Thanks for the link brother. I didn’t want to have to go through all of it with him lol

I thought your answer was perfect. Sometimes it’s better that they read about it first then come back and ask questions! Nicely done @Daddy


@Daddy @Saint

Good example of a SCROG from another grower!



Ok. Thanks for help

The plants are now at week 6 … Week one of flower…

Could the plug strip light cause enough light to hermie. When it’s lights out the red one remains on…

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Closeup on the Strawberry Kush

Yes it could @Saint

Cover it with black electrical tape. Or buy a different strip that doesn’t light up. I would do it quickly though!

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Thanks… I did better safe then Sorry.

Agreed! @Saint