Flowering stage is it ready

Can anyone help me on the flowering stage is the plant ready.


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You can go into flower at any time. Question to ask yourself is if this is as large as you want. Some strains can double in size after switch whereas some will grow a qtr of original size. Gotta consider what you need from her & how much space you have left to decide when to switch.

Thank you for your reply that has helped me rethink on flowering

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How much more height do you have? Its just longer you veg more yield. But then youre taking more time to come to harvest. Kinda of catch 22.

I have about 3 to 4ft height left I guess I can wait be longer and get more yield too? There are only 6 weeks old at the moment.

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Gonna have some monster girls. You do know you can either scrog or lst for more head room. Ive switched to watching, im at about the same point as you with a banana kush, amnesia haze, la confidential & skywalker. Remember youve got a two week what they call transition after switch. Theyll get finicky in flower, be careful not to stress much (light getting during dark phase, too high humidity, taking off too much, ect) but what a great ride.

Thanks for your advice I have Banana Kush and gorilla glue 4. What is Scrog?

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Ilgm has a scrog guide. I only lst as i like to move around my plants