To clip or not to clip

I’m messing around with a new grow tent. It got too warm on me on day and some leaves on my plant wilted and turned brown a bit. Should I trim those leaves off or leave them?


I dont think it was your temps making your leaves turn brown. Looks more like water damage from getting your leaves wet when the lights are on. You should mist your plants before lights on if youre going to go that route. Also if youre feeding and get any splash of nutrients on your plant itll do the same.


If you place a solocup over the top of your plant and water it then itll protect the leaves as well create a water ring which helps promote root growth.

Personally i would leave the leaves :leaves: on for the time being. Wait until you have plenty of new undamaged growth then take em off

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You arent ready to prune yet the plant needs those right now to get bigger. You should wait till later on in veg stage when you need more airflow