Some leave feel dry with small brown spots

Could you have wasted some water on the leaves during lights on? Dont look too serious. Just a few droplets got magnified


Thank you
I did mist the leaves. I’m a first time grower worried that my plants won’t make it to harvest.

Ahh no worries my friend. Ur in a great place to be. Just dont overworry and she’ll be just fine.

Also try to foliar just before lights out at this age. Keep the lights from burning em. I dont really foliar unless i need to fix something FAST.


Want to confirm with the experts here. It rained a couple of days ago and then heated up. A day after the rain, some small brown spots showed up. Over the past 2 days, the spots have grown - see pic. Is it hot sunshire prisming through drops or is it coincidence and I need to take some sort of action. Happened to about 1/2 the plants.

Outside? The one to the left looks like it MIGHT be pest damage. The other two could be water lensing. Only spots? And watch to see if it spreads

They were little specs on day 1. I don’t see any pests and the plants are all otherwise very robust. Never seen this in previous years.

Day 1? So first time u saw those leaves, they had yellow specks?

Thought it came with the recent rain. Just tryna see when u first noticed it.