First growers questions

Here’s mine after 5 weeks. Should I trim some of the large leaves that block the light to growth or let mother nature take care of it? All have been topped and are growing like crazy. How is the best way to tell how high to have lights? I have used a Lux meter from my phone and if I set to max per HLG it seems dark and not enough heat. Thanks for all help!! Would be lost without


They look very happy! Well done

I usually do cut the large leaves around the main branches I would like to spread out and fill the horizontal space

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You’re doing great so far as @PharmerBob stated I would trim a fewer large leaves especially around your potential tops. You can also really open the lower canopy about 2 to 3 weeks before you flip into flower and after your first 3 weeks of flower it is in theory helping growth promotion to your top buds and wont waste energy on lower airy larfy buds. It’s called schwazzing I tried it on my first run and it helped alot and will help discourage mold or mildew growth and increase your airflow which is crucial in flower.

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The larger leaves are the power plants for your girls. It seems like a bad idea to trim them, unless they’re starting to yellow. Some people prune the lower-interior of the plant to maximize airflow, thus preventing mold/pests, and I can get with that.

If a person had several plants, they could always prune one, to see if it performs better. But to make an assertion as to whether it truly helps, you’d wanna test is hundreds of times.


Congratulations you’re doing great your plants are beautiful. My first choice is always to tuck. If you do decide to take a couple leafs for light penetration an air circulation I don’t like to get carried away. Good luck


Here’s what they look like after trim. Looks like they are taking it well! What might be causing the brown stripes on some leaves?

Check post below. Thought I replayed to you

The pic of these a week apart. One is before a trim of the large fan leaves the other a week later.

Small pic is before trim

Larger plants is what happened a week later.

Trust me some defoliating isn’t a bad thing, it will cause the plant to spread out as a defensive mechanism

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Look good! I am going to cut the rest of the big suckers in the morning

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Be easy with the trim. Take 3-4 a week just to make them bush

Then as they get bigger I do lollipop and really thin them out before flower

Spots on leaves from water spots? Or humidity condensation on leaves when lights come on

Thanks! I didn’t think it was much.

What’s the best way to combat this. I have humidity down now around 60. Raise or lower lights? It is about 20 inches now. Lost a fan the other day. Two more be here tomorrow. That will help.

Combat? If it’s a non issue let it be

Old man. Got to quit worrying about every little thing. Need slapping on occasion.Thanks

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It’s ok, like the old saying goes a watched pot never boils…also it won’t grow well if we hover