Tips on Pruning Right Before Flower and Nutes Switch

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I grow outdoors every year in my back yard near the beach in Los Angeles and around this time is when my plants start to flower (very early stages of preflower; The new growth is starting to provide some white pistils instead of new fan leaves). I have seen mixed reviews on pruning outdoor plants since the sun gets mostly all over the plants throughout the day, but I was wondering if there were any particular spots or areas I should be cutting fan leaves or branches. I have attached some pictures of the plants (somewhat difficult to make out due to the foliage but if you want a more clear pic i can certainly provide it). What would you guys say can go and what should be kept?

Additionally, I have been using FF Grow Big every other feed for veg and supplementing with General Hydroponics Cal-Mag every feed for veg. I typically use FF tiger bloom for veg and will probably do the same since I have some left over. When do you think I should switch to the flowering nutrients? And should i be using the grow big with the tiger bloom at the same time or should I alternate feeds with them? I still plan to use the Cal-Mag for every feed. Let me know your thoughts!!

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Don’t forget Big Bloom. It contains the micronutrients your plant needs.

Trimming is generally done to improve airflow within a plant’s canopy. Your plant has plenty of room and should not be trimmed. The plant needs the leaves at has.

Grow Big remains very important during flower. The most rapid growth a plant will experience during its life will be during the first 5 weeks of flowering. It is notrogen that powers that growth.



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I will make sure to throw big bloom in there. Should i just do all the nutes in one feed and then do a feed of water with just some cal-mag (non fox farms)?

Noted on the pruning. I had read that you want to get rid of some fan leaves so the plant can focus on growing big buds, but maybe that is incorrect or for indoor?


I prune after stretch if needed myself.

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