Tips for growing in a desert

From a fellow grower: I live in the high desert. How would I adjust. our climate is much more hotter than los angeles

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I will said AC unit to make you temp on level.
Or look for some strains that growing in hot climate

Good luck🤘

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As much humidity as possible, if you’re in the upper 90° you need humidity levels of 85%+

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These two things. If you cant keep it under 90ish consistently, they may suffer. Especially outdoors in the beating sun 95+. But there are ways…

Also picking the proper strain goes MILES!

Indoor or outdoor?

What is your environment like? Temp? Humidity (or lack therefore of)?

Make yourself an account and come on into the light my friend. Time to learn how to grow some dank


Don’t know if your using microbes or not, but the ones I use are supposed to help with drought tolerance and water retention, so might help in the high heats.


Grow autos. Last year I started photos in March. They suffered through high heat, monsoon in July and insect infestation.

This year I’m growing autos to minimize exposure to the environmental hazards. Covering them in a mesh tent was of great benefit to cut the heat and minimize pests.

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Snek - No.

I am a meteorologist. 90° and 85% rh is produced with a dew point of (coincidentally) 85°. The heat index would be close to 130°.

You wouldn’t have a plant as much as a Petri dish.

I was coming here to say a dew point that high had never been reached in the US. I’m wrong. At least twice. But in my 40 years of looking at this stuff every day I’ve never seen it.


@MeEasy may could share some dessert tips :metal:

Here is a helpful chart too…



You’re probably right I was just going off of readings of my cheap rh meters and they do start to act up at Temps above 90 and humidity above 80( but I have opened up my tent and felt like it was a sauna before lol)

Thanks for the tag @StonedCold13 , hello fellow desert dweller the best thing I’ve found to help me with both heat and humidity is an evaporative cooler (swamp cooler) they literally add moisture to the air to cool it and it really helps. My rh runs prolly 35-55% with the cooler on and 10-25 with it off. This (:point_down:below) is similar to what I have I’m pretty sure you can find one local for less $ the shipping is expensive I think I gave like 75 bucks for mine but anyway I run this and sometimes a humidifier to keep the rh as close to the chart :point_up_2: Stone posted


I think a good thing would be to talk to somebody that lives in the dessert. @peachfuzz got any tips on how to deal with dessert temps and humidity?
Good luck! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


I think strain choice is the biggest key to growing in the desert, i had best luck with sativas


You will need a good ventilation system…
I can pull cold air from outside through my room and through my lights and exhaust…
Or close off outside suction and use ac to cool room and than through lights to exhaust…
Or i can seel room and use ac to cool room and lights…its sounds complicated, but its not…
I cut the bottoms off of 5 gallon buckets and stacked them to store filter for smell and filter is inside buckets and i wish i could still share pics…
Are you growing in soil or coco or just water… ?
Im a water only grower and room temps are the most important , my temps can reach 133 degrees Fahrenheit outside…
My flower room is super insulated and i have 2 ac’s just incase one takes a dump…
I also have backups built-in just incase i need to cool my roots…
I was in 14 personal grows and 4 legal state grows befor i built my room…
Lots of different knowledge…
I also grew for a local dispensarie in the emerald triangle for 2 years commercially outdoors…
Been at this for a minute…
If you can give me a better idea of what you have going on , i might be able to push you in the right direction…
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