Looking for humidity tips in the desert

Hey guys I’m in Vegas and I have a hell of a time keeping the humidity above 50% even that is a pain. I have my tent in a room with an attached bathroom. I have 2 humidifiers in the room and I periodically run the shower throughout the day. I keep forgetting to turn the shower off so that’s not the best method for me. Does anyone have any secrets? Keep in mind Las Vegas humidity runs around 14% if that.

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You might look at building a humidifier with an ultrasonic pond fogger. You’ll have to scale it to your needs, as these things can push out a LOT of moisture.

If you go this route I would recommend an Inkbird humidity controller so you can maintain humidity levels in the proper range.


I’m also in Vegas, same issues. I have a humidifier in the room the tent is in, and the few young plants I have are propped up on a 10x20 tray full of water. The grow lights will evaporate the water. You can also mist the sides and floor of the tent. A bucket of water with a towel draped over it, part of the towel dipping into the bucket like a wick, and a fan blowing over that will act as a makeshift swamp cooler. More, larger plants in the space, not crowded, but full, will help bring it up…more ‘breathing’ going on in there. Good luck, and happy new year, neighbor! :v:

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