Tiny white flying bugs ? Aphids

I have a small 2x4 grow tent and have tiny white flys.
Will milk & water mix kill them

Suppose to. A lot of growers use Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Juice. Spray every day til they’re gone, then every few days for maintaining. Safe up until harvest.


I use the Insecticidal soap on both sides of the leaves and all over the pots right before lights out.
Also put a bug zapper in there until you stop hearing zaps for a couple weeks. I keep mine running at night.

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Put a sticky trap in ur tent to catch the ones that dont sprayed

Bug zapper sounds good except for when flowering I think will cause issues if used during lights off

Makes me think of the scene from Grown Ups where they fry bacon on the bug zapper!

I run mine from dawn till dusk.

Maybe I’ll try it without this time.

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What a beautiful plant

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Beautiful girls

Happy growing

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