Timing of growth phases auto seeds

I’m new to cannabis growing and could use some advice. I’m finding conflicting schedules for watering, feeding and growth stage transition. The plants in the pictures were started from auto seed on the 16th of November so ~ 2 weeks or so now. The two empty pots were just planted so not growing yet.

I’m fairly certain that I have over watered a bit. I will hold back a bit from now on.

I’m confused about feeding and lighting primarily. The feeding instructions I received with the fertilizer kit say to start right away. I fed the 4 plants a total of a half gallon mixed Bergmans seedling fertilizer 11-40-13 a couple of days ago and the plants seem to be doing fine. The lights are 2 feet above the plants and programed on an 18-6 schedule - these lights also have a programmable controller that allows me to adjust the spectrum for the various growth phases - now set for seedlings.