Time to harvest? mixed signals

This is my first time to harvest and I want to make sure my timing is right. The buds a pretty big and the amber hairs haven’t curled in yet. (I understand I should be watching for that). BUT look at the trichs in these two pictures. Here are some bud and trich photos.

Are thise trichs on the buds orthe sugar leaves? Always check trichs on buds. Sugar leaf trichs mature first and earlier. N ull be smoking the buds.

Regardless i love the ambers. Nice pic. N beautiful bud


Thx ! Good to know about the leaves going off first. These are pics of a couple leaves i nipped off. It’s a lot easier to scope. I’ll nip a piece of the bud and take a look.



I wouldn’t nip the buds personally. Just check the calyx on one of the top buds. But to answer your question, once the calyx looks like the trich photos you posted, time to start flushing.

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