TIMBER! Harvest this weekend :)

Cutting some of my girls down this weekend, pretty excited!
I have a whole room to dry aprox 1-23 plants per time just looking for some advice on a good material used to hang from wall to wall? twine? fishing line? steel wire? hemp?

Also looking for everyone’s best Relative Humidity & temp when drying?

Thanks everyone happy harvesting :sunglasses:


As far as drying line is concerned
Wire is probably the strongest choice and can be pulled nice and tight

When dry slow drying is best temps 72-78 and humidity around 50-55 is best

I remove all large fan leaves and hang the rest to dry
When buds snap of stem they are dry enough to jar
If stems bend and dont break its to early just a fyi
Happy harvest CB :v:


Perfect!! Thank you so much for the advice :peace_symbol:


Anytime Dab


What is better soft or hard buds and how it possible. Is this a dumb question for a newbie