Drying Setup Questions

Good morning / evening everyone. I’m trying to make the preparations for my drying tent. I keep getting mixed #s when it comes to temp and RH% ( used to be 60/60 but now a lot of podcast I listen to seem to have changed that ) so what do you guys use? Also I have my fans and exhaust etc just curious how I should run them or not run them. I know most articles say to use a fan and blow air lightly but what about our exhaust etc.
Also I know someone here uses a wood moisture meter and had a # I needed to check for to know when they are done drying but I changed phones and lost the screenshot of it. Any of you guys use wood meters? @Newt for some reason I think it was you I was reading about and bought a wood moisture meter.
Also last thing I am going to be using Grove bags so idk if that changes anything with my drying. Will also be wet trimming more than likely since it’s my first harvest / trim.

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I shoot for as close to 60/60 as I can get. Here’s my full process:

Edit: Wet trimming is a slow, tedious, messy project. However you do get the prettiest buds.


Sweet so it was you I appreciate it. I got the wood meter and was like crap idk what # to aim for lol. You stab the actual buds correct?

About 10 to 12 percent.

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Correct. And if the buds are airy, you may have to gently compress them to ensure a cood connection. The meter is actually measuring electrical conductivity to determine moisture level.


Thanks and I’m still kind of deciding between wet or dry trimming. I had debated doing a light trim then finishing with dry but idk. I like the pros of both and not looking forward to the stickiness since just trimming a few dying leaves here and there was a mess but it seems it might be easier for my first one. Also apparently the colors stay better with wet and my one really purple girl I want to look purple when done lol.

I used to wet trim, and it took a long time if your plant was very big, so I bought a bowl trimmer. Saves hours of time, and does a good enough job for me.

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I’ll go that route next harvest but wife said no more $ on my grow even though it’s for her :joy:


You will definitely want to do it both ways - at least once. Then you can decide which meets your needs better. I have done full wet, and full dry trims, and have finally settled on a hybrid approach.

While they are wet, I do a rough trim - I take any leaf I can see the stem of. And then I take most anything that is big (leave enough to promote a slow dry). I freeze the fans - just in case I over-dry then I can use them to re-hydrate. I freeze the trich covered trim and save it to be added to the dry trim material for further processing.

The rest of the manicuring, I do after drying.


Yea thats what I was thinking. Since my first grow I want to do every method of growing and trimming etc so I can see what I like and what works or doesn’t work for me in the end since it seems every one is different

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Perfect. Good luck!

Same here, I don’t smoke, but my wife does. I love the challenge of growing it. She’s not wild about the money I’ve spent, but she doesn’t complain a whole lot. I even squeaked in an hlg 350r light the other day, and love it. IMO light is the number one necessary expense. No sense even trying if you don’t have a light that will pull it off.


Yea that’s why she dropped the hammer is I got an HLG 550v2 Rspec for my first grow and while I did get it refurbished and a vet discount she didn’t know I was going to drop $450 on a light alone :joy:.

Also side question. I want to hang dry but I see most people who wet trim hang in baskets because they prune 100%. Is it possible to wet trim but leave on branches and hang dry then just cut from the branches before curing?

That’s what I always used to do before I got the bowl trimmer. Works great. I had a couple of these sock drying racks I hung them from.


try both and provide forum readers with your pictures and analysis of methods.
Same boat here, No meter for stabbing. I hang my harvests for a few days and feel buds for determining. Below 70% and I remove bus from stalk and jar with meters. 60-58 goal. I have used the paper bag method for sweating but now use storage bin container for housing very small fan and drying material. Small enough for storage for jared smoke. Harvesting too early in an effort to learn better drying techniques.

Ì use my seedling area to dry lights off fan on they dry wonderful 10-14 days

Pictured is mine
Thanks for sharing