Tie down during flowering?

First time growing and also doing SCROG method.

I’m in my second week of flowering. My 4x4 indoor tent grow is fully covering the screen. Lots of buds!

So here are my questions -

1.) am I doing this right?

2.) do I continue tying down even into the budding/flowering?

3.) am i supposed to prune any leaves above my scrog fence? or does it just keep getting bushier?


Congrats on your first grow! I don’t SCROG but I do a lot of LST. You can tied them down as long as the stems are still pliable but don’t try to force them if the stems are too stiff/thick. The other questions, someone else will need to chime in on. A photo of the setup will help answer the other 2 questions. Maybe @Covertgrower ?


Not really sure. You didn’t attach any pictures.

You’ll want to fill the screen up to at least 60-70-% then change the light schedule. There’s no wrong way after that, some people continue tying into flower, some people let things get a little crazy, but they turn out fine. It’s a personal preference on how to go from there. Happy growing!
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The stiffer stems must be bent gradually not all at once but they will bend. You could bend a tree with time and pressure.

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Clean up anything below the screen, and I would flip those as soon as you can. That’s a full tent.

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I’ve been in 12:12 for the past two weeks. LOTS of buds all over the place. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!