This may help people that have bud rot

Hi guys i was doin some research on water curing buds and it turns out its not to bad all though there is a chance of losing some aroma and flavour but how ever you will end up with a smoother smoke ,what it was saying in the article is that if you have bud rot you dont have to throw it away you can water cure it and when u do this process it removes any bud rot so u can smoke it or use it for edibles I will try to put a link up about the whole water curing process.Water Curing Your Weed - Hail Mary Jane ® guys have a look this might help some people that have bud rot


I considered doing a water cure but it’s way to high maintenance, compared to bag and storing of Grove bags , not worth it . Besides it doesn’t make the bud rot go away it’s still dead rotten material on your buds that should be cut off


Im goin by what a read and what i seen in the link i shared

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What we putting in that water to kill the mold? As water itself won’t do it