To Water Cure or Not to Water Cure?

A lot of people have been suggesting water curing to me for a cleaner high. I’m not at the harvesting point yet, but I was curious as to whether anyone here had experience with water-curing and whether you’d recommend it? I hear you lose a lot of flavor and weight but it seems that the weight is all nasty stuff anyway so it seems like a good move to me.


I have been mentoring cannabis growers for 10 years. The best Cannabis is naturally grown and cured.

I tried a water cure years ago. That is the last time I waste good herb on someones idea of a cleaner high.

If you want to and can afford to attempt this method. Go for it. Nothing better than personal experience. :slight_smile:


Hi, latewood, what went wrong? Did it just take off too much weight from your yield or were there other issues?

IMO it was just a waste of weed. Doesn’t taste at all like MJ. Looks nasty, and I did not find that the high was anything special

Ah, ok, so it was just an all around bad experience. Good to know! Maybe I’ll skip out on the water curing then. Someone told me it just washed away stuff that didn’t contribute to the high anyway but I don’t want to take the chance and ruin my grow at the end.

When I 1st read about water curing, it seemed to be recommended for tainted weed. Bad tasting weed, and low quality weed. The premise is that by flushing everything else you can get a smoother high, without the bad taste. It tasted like nothing, so that did work. lOL

Another thing. Do you like that sweet taste when smoking a bud? You will lose that if you water cure. Later. Happy Growing

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Ok, cool, so it can raise foul weed to zero taste but it messes up weed with decent taste. Thanks - it’s definitely got me reconsidering it!

Yeah. That is the deal sort of. When you finish a water cure; The weed looks like dark seaweed strips. If it was fragrant and pretty green to start with; It would be a shame to ruin the natural taste of good genetics.

So. Maybe one day you have a large yield. Take a 1/4 oz. and water cure it. Just don’t put all you eggs in one basket. Peace Bro, lw

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I am considering trying this but would ask you one specific question, in your experience, did water curing reduce the harshness when smoked?
I did drop a half ounce or so in a jar and started soaking. Started about three days ago and am changing water daily. Seems the water is getting a bit clearer, it had a brownish/green tint to start but getting lighter each water change. This is just to check the effect on the bud. The buds themselves are just some under trimming I took last harvest, sitting in a jar and not really worth rolling up. Mostly just checking to see what the bud looks like, smells like and how difficult to re-dry. a trial run
The batch that I got this undergrowth from was harvested around last Halloween from two White Widow photo’s I grew last year. I did the final rinse and lights out and all. Dried a week or so til the sticks started to snap, then into jars, burped daily for 10 to 14 days. This is great smoke, but so harsh I broke a rib and tore a muscle from coughing last winter… hence my curiosity in water curing to reduce harshness.

@MindlessCorpse I’ve never personally done a water cure but wouldn’t it be better to make a bubble hash that makes my stuff way smoother or possibly a nice vaporizer? I’m very Intrigued I’d like to try it

I am open to any suggestion basically… a torn quadrilateral and broke rib hurts like hell.
I dont know what “Bubble Hash” is and I do not know anyone personally that uses a vape for weed.
To keep from hijacking this thread, you can reply in message or my thread RATED R - No one under 17 admitted
and Thanks

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Best hash maker in the biz there are many ways to do this without the Fancy machine he is using ! bags are cheap on Amazon and all you need is ice water and friction you can look up how to make it on YouTube

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Not sure what you were asking me. I made my thoughts clear, I thought.
If I had decent trim, I would make infused coconut oil. I found water
curing to be a total wash and hated the finished result. I would rather
smoke the trim than water cure it but, I make Coconut oil instead and have
excellent medicine.

Do you think washing bud takes away taste too?

Where can i find a good procedure for infused coconut oil?

Hi guys. Im sorry if this is the wrong place to ask but im in desperate need of advice.

I have started water curing my weed due to it being mouldy and having no access to buy any more weed during this lockdown.

I have no experience in growing / drying / curing.

Weed has been curing for 5 days now and the water is clear, but i have no clue how to go about drying my weed. Please help how i can dry this only with supplies i have from home

I dont know if water curing will fix that. Mold is no joke and can be dangerous depending on type of mold and your allergies. Ive never heard of washing moldy weed, been smokin since 82, and growin since 88.

I’m beginning a water curing test of my own. What were your results? Thanks.