Is this bud rot newbie

I’ve been curing my buds and i noticed this is this bud rot

Do you have a pic of what it looked like before the cure , I don’t really have a reference to what it’s normal color is, but is it abnormally squishy and limp

The white fuzzy stuff Looks like mold to me.
Must have been too damp when sealed up.


No i don’t have a picture it looked ok when i cut and trimed it i have to dry in garage no heat and can’t control rh i have ordered rh meters to put in jars i don’t know if it’s rot or just wasn’t dry enough when i started cure it is a little squishy and pretty sticky

Thanks for the info oldguy can it be saved or toss it

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Anything that’s moldy should be tossed.
A close look at the rest would be good idea.

If the rest is damp as well you might have to lay it out on a screen with a small fan on low.
Just enough to move the air.



:+1: will definitely check the rest


U have mold my friend u can throw it away or u can try washing it in a lemon and bicarbonate solution

How would i mix that and how do you wash the buds is there a link i can go to can learn the process

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Have a look on you tube theres videos that show u how to do it Full bud washing tutorial - YouTube

You can’t wash bud rot away. If you can cut it out and take some good area all around it, you can save that portion. But if it’s bud rot, it is trash. pull apart one of those buds and get. A good clear close pic of it


Here’s some info on the bud wash.
Where yours have developed the mold during drying I don’t think a rewetting of the nuggets would have very good results.
Be more detrimental now that they’ve dried for a week or more. It’s best done at harvest / trimming time.
Just my .02.


I tore open some buds what do you think caligurl

It doesn’t look good to me… @Covertgrower @Myfriendis410 ?

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If it crumbles to the touch, it’s not good. Above pictures don’t look good, but if it’s fuzzy, and it’s not from the trichomes, toss it.

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Agree with everyone looks like the start of mold if you have a scope check it out you will notice the difference

Thank you everyone for your help you are all awsome i don’t get a odor when i burp them and they don’t crumble just sticky checking all the rest hoping i can get some that is smoke able

Thanks @Covertgrower… luckily I have not had any experience with mold or bud rot… all I know is from other peoples pics and by what I know a normal bud should look like

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Honestly, I would toss it… I know that’s hard but if bad buds were in the same jar as potentially good ones, those spores have already spread and even though you may not see it on a few buds, doesn’t mean it’s not there. Not with the risk IMHO

:+1: thanks

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