Mold on bud, cut off n still fine?

It’s super dry here, so a put a big bud in a paper bag to slow down the drying but it got a little white webby mold on it. Is it still ok to smoke if I just cut off part of bud with mold? I do know for food, there is mold even where u can’t see it after it’s visible. It’s smells great n doesn’t smell moldy at all either.

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I wouldn’t trust cutting off what’s seen as you mention some is unseen. I’m wondering about a peroxide wash and redry


Nope you ruined it and learned a lesson. Buds need air to dry and closing one up in any bag fully wet is asking for trouble.

Sorry but it is what it is throw it away and don’t repeat


That is the beginning of bud rot. You might be able to save part of it. Read dis. Identifying Bud Rot, Mold & Gray Spores on Marijuana Plants

Hydrogen peroxide absolutely does kill mold as does baking soda. I think a bud wash in a couple would kill all mold n spores I can’t see

They told me in this forum to use a paper bag to slow drying in very low humidity

Personally, Billy Mays could wash it in Oxyclean and I wouldn’t be smoking it. I’d call it, and qwet it goes edibles but that’s just me

Good luck with whatever you decide

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Yes good advice but it has to be about 3/4 dry before putting in a sealed up bag.

Ugh now they tell me!

Lol, it’s just one bud right? Sucks but no biggie. Live and learn as we all did stuff just like that and still do from time to time.

I recently unplugged my lights from my timer then plugged them back in to the socket instead of the timer. Well I sure got some fox tailed buds in that room now. They look like a reggae band with dreadlocks swinging in the breeze.

Good luck


Lol. Thanks for the laugh. Feel a little better

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