This is my first time growing

Critique me! I Could use some good advice/criticism
My primary goal, is the harvest, secondary. Grow some cool looking plants
I am working with a MarsHydro 4x4x8 Tent. 2000W Dimmable Light. VIVOSUN Cool Mist Humidifier. Classic Clip Fan 6 inch.(above light) 12" Oscillating Fan (below fan)
I am using FoxFarm Ocean Forest as a medium.
FoxFarm Nut, with Cal/Mag
Genetics, Sour Diesel Auto. Fem’s after my first few grows of autos.

I am in week two, entering veg state. Just started LST (Probably to early, but it seems good) Temp holds at 25-26C during light hours, 20-22C night hours.
I tried to dry it out the soil pre-grow, to kill any potential pests before growing. Fail… I have control over the fungus gnats, for now. AppleCider Vinegar with Dish Soap, and diatomaceous earth.
I haven’t added any nutrients to the soil yet. I am letting the plants tell me when and what they need. Probably soon though.
(I keep reading that its ok to add Cal/Mag the WHOLE time, but am unsure and dont want to ruin my grow)
I have been watering with the ‘Lift the pot Method’ about every other day, 1/2 gallon to 3/4. Just until I get run off. I also just ordered some Bulmat, for auto irrigation. Keep hearing amazing things from it.

The 4th plant, I kind of manhandled the seed after germination. Dropped it several times with tweezers. SHAME, ALL THE SHAME ON ME… I am hoping it still produces well… enough.


Don’t generally need to add cal/mag when using FF OF until you get to flowering has been my experience. That said, it’s hard to hurt a plant with cal/mag so long as you are reasonable with it. I use FF soils and I feed 5ml cal/mag per watering once they are flowering. I’ve never fed cal/mag before flowering.

I’m not familiar with Bulmat, but it’s important to keep in mind that cannabis needs wet/dry cycles to remain healthy. The soil should be allowed to dry out between waterings.

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It is an auto irrigation system. Not entirely sure how it works, but will give it a shot from what i have seen.
The system is non-electric. Uses gravity to supply water. The ‘carrots’ have a type of cork like substance, that detects hydration. When the ‘carrot’ gets dry, it releases a clamp that waters the plant (tuned to what you want). When the ‘carrot’ detects enough water, it will clamp the tube closed.

My deciding factor with the Bulmat. Every time the girls want water, they droop hardcore. Almost like dying from dehydration. I do not think I am going to use it for this grow, as I want to experience everything via my hands first. but my second I think I will.

Just picked these guys up. Realized I didnt have a spacer in between my pots, and saucers. I have been just letting the pots soak up the run-off, not watering super hard. But am starting to get worried about pythium, and what it could do.
Am I Over-reacting?
My next grow, I want to use organic nutes. Is there a mass production available I can look at, or focus on homemade?

It’s a timed solenoid with 4 ports IIRC. You will need to purchase a pump to go with it.

This is probably a sign of too much water. Plants that size need like half a cup or so. The fungus gnats are a sure sign of overwatering.

posting a hyperlink to how the BluMat irrigation works. Apologies about the Eye bleeding. All gravity base.

The gnats were there from the start. Came with the soil.EDIT(before planting of anything, and after a full week of dialing in the tent) I didnt dry it out long enough before using, only 3-4 days(instead of the full week that people suggest) to kill any eggs/larva

About week 3. Continued LST. Contemplating Lolli popping the bushy one when it stretches

I planted some white clove garlic as a companion plant in the tent. I have not seen a single gnat since.

Week 4, just starting to flower