Long time listener first time grower

Hey Everyone,
This is my first time growing and wanted to share my grow. Any tips or advice, the edges of leaves are curling up

• What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed: autoflower GDP

• Method: Soil w/salt, Organic soil, Hydroponics, Aquaponics, KNF: Fox Farms Ocean Forest

• Vessels: Pots, Grow beds, Buckets, Troths: started in solo cup transferred to 5 gallon cloth pot 2 days ago

• PH of Water, Solution, runoff (if Applicable): 6.5

• PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable: idk

• Indoor or Outdoor: indoor, Vivosun 2ftx4ftx5ft

• Light system: Spider Farms 1000d hanging 24in above canopy

• Temps; Day, Night: keep lights on 24/7, temp hovers around 72 degrees

• Humidity; Day, Night: I have a hydrometer outlet measures humidity and turns on humidifier when drops below 65 rh. When the humidity goes over 3 percent (68) it turns on my vivosun 4in intake carbon filter

• Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size: hurricane fan blowing at lowest setting over canopy

• AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,: humidifier and vivosun 4in air intake with carbon filter: hydrometer keeps humidity around 65 rh +/- 3%

• Co2; Yes, No: open tent for a couple minutes maybe twice a day


Looks good just keep your watering in a 4 to 6 from the center make them roots look for the water and then the fun begins


@Jonny420 , welcome fellow grower! Looks like you have a good idea about what you’re doing. Yea make those tiny roots seek the water for the first few weeks. My spring grow sprouted on 4/29-30, so just a bit ahead of yours and you are welcome to ride along. I’m doing a journal and I’ll tag you from there If you want.

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@Jonny420 Welcome! I’m growing GDP right now too lol. Keep your thread full of pics this summer so we can follow your progress!! :seedling::green_heart::seedling::green_heart:


Off to a fantastic start brother! How many plants you got going? If more than one you may want to add 2 more lights. 100 watts will get you through veg but flower will be tough.

Welcome to the family my friend :call_me_hand::beers:


@The_Chef is right, he knows his stuff, more watts = more bud. But I still wonder how this happens: 65w and they are not done yet!


Looks like the light is doing what it was intended to do brother :joy::call_me_hand:
Clones, veg, supplement, or one small plant.

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Also grow room size?

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@6stringT bro is that your baby? Niiiiiicccccceeeeee!!

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No, that’s Nebula Haze from Grow Weed Easy.

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@6stringT gotcha. Beauty no matter what the light may or may not have been lol.

The light was an HLG 65w Q panel. It’s last years 65w grow. This years is just as nice. This is the light. But the point is. If a 65w light can flower a plant like that, why are so many saying that a 100 w panel won’t?? It clearly can.

Here’s the one she’s doing now:

I just hate to see new growers (like @Jonny420 ) get discouraged cause they can’t justify the expense of a 300w light. I’d also say that you might learn more trying to develop bud with marginally sufficient light. I do believe that I could get more yield with a stronger light, but I’ve learned more things with that kind of setup than I would have If I’d been handed 4xs the $ light. Some times a person needs to distinguish between need and want…and then there’s the energy bill!

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@6stringT I’m so with you in this regard!! Do you know how much grief I’ve been given over the soil I use lol?

According to majority consensus I should’ve just not bothered……

I call it The MIRACLE GROW lol.

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That’s frosty! But where is @Jonny420 ??

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I’ve never said that. What I said is it won’t do 2 or 3. One for sure.

I have a 420W light by plessey Hyperion are they any good?

@Se7en I don’t know lights but the PhD in lighting around here seems to be the mad scientist @dbrn32.

Theres only one real way to find out what that light will produce and that’s to make a full run with it or at least a run far enough to know that you need additional lighting lol.

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Hahaha yeah I’m still early stages, around day 4/5 now and one of them stunted a couple days

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@Se7en Well they certainly appear to off to a very good start with it. Perfect looking seedlings. :seedling:

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