They responded to hot soil and a bigger pot

So now I guess the name of the game is to LST, top, FIM and he keep her watered. Seems like the nute deficiency is correcting itself with the soil.
Also had a watering question. Its been maybe 3 days since i watered with tea. How am I supposed to know when to water again? Thanks!

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I go by the weight of my pots. Familiarize yourself with what your pot feels like after a good soak and what it feels like almost dry. If I’m unsure I dig down in the top of the soil a little.


So about 3-5 days for these 10 gallon pots?

Really depends on the temp, humidity, and airflow in your grow space and how thirsty your girls are. There are days my little outside girl drinks a half gallon or more in 24 hours and there are times when a half gallon lasts her 3 days. But she’s outside. As long as your temp and humidity stay steady, your only variable should be the plants themselves so yours should be more consistent.

The hardest thing to remember is, they’re not usually as dry as you think.


Yea they took 2.5 gal of compost tea between the three of them.