How much water you give your plants?

is like half a litre enough for your plants outdoor every 3 days?
its white widow

I am sorry :frowning: What?

Water values vary from start to finsih. Peace

Depends on plant size. Humidity values. Temperature. Dew point. Drainage. Amount of sunlight. When I grew outdoors, I would never water my plants until they “asked for it.” There are two separate kinds of drooping, the one you get with not enough water, and the wrinkly “fat leaf” one you get when there’s too much water.

We had a period one summer where it didn’t rain for 4 months. I watered every three to four days during that time. When the plants were smaller, a half liter was enough. As the plants grew taller I had to use my auxiliary pump to bring water up from the pond. There were a few time when after three days the plants were starting to look limp. Within a few hours of being watered, they perked right up again.

My drainage was good for the first three feet of soil, after that it was all clay and the water would take much longer to get used up.

There really isn’t an exact amount anybody can give you as far as how much water is enough. Sorry. I’ve had to learn to read my plant’s “body language.” And it’s helped me a lot with keeping them watered inside.


With that said OG; You hit the nail on the head. Every time we grow in soil; We have to evaluate how fast a plant is taking up water.

When I grow in 3 gallon pots; I water every 2-3 days, when they have almost dried up. I then drench them until I have 15% overflow, or my plant saucer is filling up.


Way to go OG couldn’t have said it any better than that :smiley:


Ah ha 3 gallons 2-3 days more less are until they like slouch downward looking limp , because it’s been 2 days and my plant went from perking up like they saying hello I’m alive to like hey dude I’m not feeling to good today . They might be ah lil thirsty I think . I think the nutrient feed was Thursday of last week , which should be roughly a week apart right ?

so you mean i have to wait till the plant asks for water?? to show signs of thirst before i water??
i live in a hot area where summer is really hot reaching 45 degrees centigrade… usually i put my finger in the soil and check when i feel its dry then i water… i then flood the pot till it drains from down.
that takes about 3-4 days.
but i never wait till it gets thirsty… is that too much?

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Not necessarily. As long as you don’t see signs of root problems:

Cannabis may appear overwatered or droopy
Curling or cupping of leaves
Wilting - either individual stems wilt or the whole plant may wilt
Slow growth, or staying very small for weeks
Leaf yellowing, or sometimes even other colors like purple or red
Brown spots / Burnt spots
Other strange nutrient problems
Brown or slimy roots - this is often a sign of root rot
Smelly runoff water (smells rotting or musty)
Leaves may start dying and falling off rapidly
Plants drink much less water than usual

With temperatures like you describe, I would very likely not wait for droop, but I would watch my plants carefully. And I would probably water first thing in the morning whenever possible.

If you ever are concerned, you could always get a moisture meter and check the pots. Ours shows when the soil is dry, normal(moist,) and wet.