They Don't Look Alike

"I asked about my plants that are almost to the ceiling and when they will start to flower, and then ran across this picture below on the web site of the same strain.

My plants look nothing like this, why? I haven’t trimmed anything, am I supposed to? Mine are 60 inched these ones are 2-3ft and look nothing like mine. How did he get them to bud on every twig/arm? What am I missing?"

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Probably topping and LST. You can control the shape the height pretty much everything about a.plant is up to you


There could be a hundred reasons why his looks differently than yours, I wish I had an answer for you! It could be genetics, environment, grow medium, lighting, pruning techniques, etc.

If you’re worried, post some pictures and we’ll help you out! Just remember, this member had completely trimmed his plant because he was going to harvest them, so they might look different than yours that is still growing.



Are you growing autoflower or photo period plants?

If they are photo period plants was thenlight cycle changed over to 12/12? If not that is the reason why they are not flowering. Photo period plants require a change in light cycle and require a 12 hour period of uninterrupted darkness in order to change over to flowering.

The plant in that picture was most likely trained and topped to create the plant you see in the picture.


These are my plants… this is day 50

Grow two of the same strain side by side feeding and water everything the same and one is taller and wispy one getting fat and low

Are they auto flower or photo ? What’s your pot size medium and what lights and what light schedule?

First off thanks for the response, I can imagine how many questions you get.

I believe they are regular, not auto flower. I bought them from your company!
The pot size is 2 1/2 gallons per plant
I’m using a HSP 150 watt grow light with Ultra Sharp Lamp 900490
Until last Monday the lights where on all day, now I have them 12on-12off (and a very dark basement)
All 3 plants sprouted on May 10th so they have been growing for 51 days

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If you put them on a 12/12 light schedule you should start showing it to flower after the first two weeks of being 12 on 12 off keep it up looking good