Possible stunted growth

running lights 12/12 and the strain is medijauana and ph is 6.5. its about 3 weeks old and started flowering. My concern is its only about 8 inches tall and the stem is very thin.

Auto or photoperiod?
If it’s a photo may have been slow grower needed more veg time if it’s an auto sometimes they do that in my experience some autos will go into flower very quick if they get stressed at all and sometimes they just don’t grow big and you end up with a stick with a bud on it, if it is an auto why not 18/6 light schedule?

Why did you select a 12/12 light cycle?

small 2 plant closet grow (just learning) I have a full grown different strain that is photo.

small closet and I have a photo that’s flowering in as well.

But is the stunted plant an autoflowering variety?

Have you tracked humidity? If yes, what were the readings?

I did not think it was an auto, But it is possible. after some other research I have found the place I got them from are not very reputable.

Sir I cannot say 100% what it is. It is supposed to be a strain called Medijauna and be feminized. the temp average is 75 cool time and about 80 hot time.

SORRY humidity average 45-50

The questions @KeystoneCops is asking are relevant. Autoflowers you wanna give more than 12 hrs of light to maximize grow potential (they flower whenever regardless of light schedule). Photos you have to cut their light exposure back to at least 12 hrs to induce flowering. So one of two things that equal the same endgame: 1- you have an auto flower and on just 12 hrs of light will give you a yield but a lower one than with more light. 2- you have a photo period plant who as soon as they were old enough to start moving into flower did which will result in lower yields than say if that plant had a month with more light. You could increase the light which I’d prob do but I know very little about trying to reveg so that’d be an adventure.

A positive on the contrary is, you’re new, small space, so just seeing and learning it isn’t a bad thing. The height of the plants will grow upwards well into flower so at that size youd have a some smokable bud x2. This what I love about it. You can make it your own thing.

Thank You. I am still not sure what the plant was I pulled it . I am thinking it might have been mislabeled. not sure but have started over.