They are starting to look rough

I really suck at troubleshooting leaves. Seems like once they go sideways they never come back no matter what I do.

Here are my three plants; Haze, OG Kush and Runtz. All organic grow. I am not too worried about it at this point since they are getting close to harvest but would like to make changes to my next grow.

They are right at 45 days from 12/12… What deficiency or excess does this most likely resemble?

The important bits still look really good:


Normal aging of the plant. Leaves indicate N, P and K deficiencies which is common at this point in the life cycle. Knowing the PH and TDS of your root zone would be helpful but at this point you will be riding it out til harvest.


They don’t look rough at all. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. They look marvelous. Good job. Beautiful fall colors.


Look great. Almost done. Fall colors mixing in with the flowers eating the fans.


These are wonderful looking ladies. Love the color. They are using and doing what they should. Grow on to rock on.


I appreciate the kind words from everyone. Guess home life is weighing a bit heavy on me right now so I am a lil out of sorts. But these ladies should give me a nice Christmas present to share with family and friends!


looking great! fat and frosty! Mine usually llok way worst by that point. Im novice and I also like to more or less let the plant consume itself near the end. great grow!


I agree with the ‘they look like they should at this point in the grow cycle’ responses. I think your pics look really cool.

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Yup! spot on…some of your macro trichome pics could be on the “Bud Porn” section…If I were you I`d be happy with them 4sho!..Beautiful purple-ish fall like colors and hues…agree w/ Myfriendis410 …@ this point that’s very normal…They look tasty…Let us know!


Starting to look rough? :joy: They look great ! I just finished my first grow and I to was a bit concerned especially that it was happening in my living soil side of tent but apparently it’s a normal ovcurance in around the 5th week of flower . I know mine came out great . Still harvesting and is looking like I will yeild at least 2 pounds . As far as I can tell yours is looking really nice , don’t sweat it. :+1:

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I appreciate everyone’s comments. I am very happy with the buds and can’t wait to start the harvest. I know they will eat up all the leaves at the very end. My last grow they didn’t; green till I did the chop and it was the best smoke I have pulled off so far. But that doesn’t mean one has anything to do with the other, too many variables.

Everyone on this site is wonderful and have helped me countless times when i got stuck. Happy growing! : )


Sorry to glom on to this post, but I can’t figure out how to start a new thread. I only see the option to reply to threads.

Any suggestions?


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@Edmond-Dantes try this :arrow_down:

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First off…WELCOME… I’m not sure but I think that I read somewhere in the forum when you are new you have limited abilities for some aspects of the forum… Just temporary though…keep posting and you’ll be O.K… everyone here is cool and always willing to help…