Rough looking new growth

Can someone please tell me wtf is goin on with my plant now? Its happening on new growth, the sides of leaves are jagged, rough, a lil yellow, some parts of a leaf are twisted,look crunched, one edge is missing. plant looks healthy other than that i think?

I can’t help you. I just started my first attempt. I saw this in a different post, thought it might be helpful. I’ve also read the new growth will be neon greenish.

Please don’t take that picture as gospel. Just something i saw. A veteran should be along shortly to give you solid advice. :vulcan_salute:

@Chu666cky. Was this plant topped ? If it was then that could be a Knick from the topping showing up as that leaf grows out.
Other than that it looks healthy. :+1::wink::v:


Not trying hijack post but mine is doing something similar. I’ve raised the light a little trying to get her a little taller . Any suggestions would appreciate it. And they bottom leaves are almost touching each other between plants In the area I have them.should i think about flowering or see if i can get some height on them

This is normal. Lots of plants will put out wonky leaves once in a while.

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yes i did top just before the new growth that is damaged? am i doing somthing wrong when im topping?

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@Chu666cky. No. Nothing wrong. Was just thinking maybe the tips got marked when topped is all. :wink:
Like I said. Looks very healthy. :+1:
And as @Myfriendis410 said. Sometimes they just come out a bit deformed with no ill effects.
Had them myself. :+1::v:

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Your awesome thank you and everyone for your help. Im workin hard to one day pay it forward.

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Yea, i had a skunk#1 throw a leaf that was almost round. It was 5th node, rite after i fim’d it. Leaves looked like a round saw blade. Got 3" riund and were healthy till i took them trimming 6 weeeks later.

My plant is growin good looks healthy but the shapes and numbers on da leaves are all jacked up. kinda funny lookin but growin pretty good. im growin it out gona clone it also and see what happens

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hi …
you are right plants looking good they need a little care …