These are nanners, aren't they?

Just checked plants and these new light green things appeared.

These are the dreaded nanners, aren’t there?

Red Headed Stranger from Pacific seed bank.


Keep plucking them off if possible…
What week of flower are they in…?
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They are in week 6.


If there is only a few , you could still push them another 3 to 4 weeks…
The hermi flowers still look young , so i think you can push them to finish and hopefully you only end up with a few seeds…
Do you have any light leaks are any stressers that you can think of…?
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Oh yeah nanners as @peachfuzz said puck and hope for the best


No stress I can think of, things have gone really well, good pH, good EC, leafs looking good and green.


Pluck them carefully so no pollin is released. Maybe back the light off a tad and check for light leaks.


Sry about your luck, just culled one last week myself.
A Black sugar about 3-4weeks into flower :confused:

Mega bummer! But, I do have a few more plants this grow so I’m gonna just take it out so it can’t pollenate any of the others.

Shoot, really wanted to try that RHS!


Sometimes it just happens :man_shrugging:
From my experience and this is "bro science ", but notice you got nanners popping out of a female flower and mine actually had male pods about to pop a “full bunch of nanners” :rofl:

Plucking can work on nanners out of female flowers but if it gets full pods then its probably going be seeds every where… but i can’t prove this, its just what I’ve seemed to observe…

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It’s a tuff call that only you can make, but if it helps. I would not have choped mine if it was just a few nanners, i would’ve probably plucked them out daily for the last 2 weeks.
I have done just that many times… any seeds you may get from any other plants would be very few if any slip past the plucking, and they would be feminized seeds and good to grow :grin:

Yeah, I may be too cautious but I didn’t want to take the chance of this thing pollenating the whole tent up. 3 more plants in this tent and 4 in another so I’ll live but it’s a bummer to have to get rid of her after all this time together!

I can understand

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I had a plant that produced nanners. I found them 3 weeks before harvest. I plucked them off with tweezers. I had no seeds in my plant. :blush::v: