Nanners - when to save or chop?

Does anyone have a general guideline they follow for nanners? I’m 8 weeks from flip, so maybe week 6 of flower with at least 2 weeks to go. there are five other plants in the tent, two are close to harvest but the others are still on week 6, so at least two more weeks for them as well, maybe more. I’m not sure how long it takes for these to pop, pollinate and then for seeds to start.

On this particular plant there are quite a few and I think it would be hard to keep up with trying to nip them.


I don’t know how to deal with nanners I never had them but I hermied one by bumping the timer full on male flowers dumping pollen for a week or so, contaminated whole plant and I was about where you are, I took her out every day and check for flowers till harvest trying to stop the pollenation. So I did have a friend plucked his nanners and they stopped making more, and he had only a few seeds. Ha ha I had hundreds and it only took a couple weeks maybe three and I got dark mature seeds. I worry about your other plants, that plant is going to seed some, but I hope you can get containment. Good luck man

Always remove male plants. They have no value unless you want seeds. Allowing your plants to seed also results in a less potent crop. I have some plants from friends seeds and I alway pull up the males. I also get feminized seeds from ILGM and I definitely don’t want those ruined.

Sorry I didn’t grasp that you had nanners. I would move those as far away from my feminized plants as possible.

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if the grenades went off in your grow, theres not much you can do. I kill hermie plants. Bad genes, dont want em. But you can finish the ladies and make concentrates, or separate the seed and smoke it like seedless dope.

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Does anyone know at what week the nanners won’t really make a difference? Not concerned about the plants that only have a week left. The others have 2-3 weeks to finish up. I chopped the plant but i’m sure this will come up again.

If your plants have been pollenated, theres nothing that can be done about it. Like I said prepare for seedy weed. If it was me, Id make edibles or bubble hash or dry screen or de seed and roll a doob and just be happy. The other thing I would do in the spring time, is go to the local police station sit by the garden planter, they always have one lol :laughing: eat a sandwich and broadcast the seeds.


thanks. still looking for an answer to my original question though.

LOL you are going to get me arrested. I got to try this.

The nannaers are male pollen sacks, they are born on the plant like little bananas and when they are ready to open like a tomato flower they open and pollen falls out, the pollen is extremely light and will float in the air, it sticks to the calyx hairs and impregnates that calyx.
In general, that male flower drops its load over the course of a couple days and is done. The pollen is fairly persistant and as long as it is floating around in the environment it can potentially knock up yer girls. So in short, the flowers can be long dead and the pollen still very viable for the entire grow and beyond. After this grow, the entire room and the light and the carbon filter / hose and everything in the room must be thoroughly cleaned with 2 percent bleach and water solution.
Does this answer your question? Id like to be helpful to you.
In addition, the bud is still good to smoke… maybe a bit harsher, it will however, make great concentrates. The seed will be femanized but carry the hermie gene, so expect most if not all the offspring to hermie.


i guess what would be most helpful to know is how long it takes for buds to start being affected. if a nanner pops the last week of flower, not really gonna care. that won’t have enough time to affect the quality of the other plants. but i did talk to someone, and sounds like 2-3 weeks to start showing seeds from pollination

Yeah it will be a couple weeks anyway. To make viable seed its best to go long with the flowering also. Obviously seed is not your intent, so you will likely end up with small light brown/ tan colored premature seed.

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I have read a few different articles about nanners I go them on my first and second grow but didn’t do any research on them until I had harvested the second grow. Most said the same thing on the subject, Nanners are brought on by stress, and by the time they appear they have already pollenated the plant. I don’t remember any thing about the nanners opening and spreading the pollen like male pollen sacks do. There was no mention about the seeds growing hermie plants but they did mention that any seeds that are collected will most likely be fermionized plants.

The few seeds that I did collect and get to sprout from the plants that had nanners did all grow fem plants but there were only a dozen or so out or like 4 oz. of flower. On the first grow I only had one plant, but the second grow (different strain) only one plant grew nanners and it did not pollenate the other plants if the grow.

I messed up this grow and stressed my plants out majorly (7 days no water) had 6 plants killed one and turned one hermie. I managed to save 4 and one of them has nanners, I decided to let it go and see what the turn out is. I am always in flower been doing a perpetual grow for about two years now, I have two 4x4 grow that I can flower in and a separate area for seeds, clones and small plants. I start a new flower cycle every 5 weeks.

I really need to start saving all the articles I read and post them on my journal so they can be shared. Something to remember in the future

Hope this info helps, Happy growing.