Found nanners last week of flower

Need some opinions Wedding Cake week 8 1/2 of flower… Might not be a big deal but found some nanners on lower branches with some pollen on leafs below them should I chop right away or continue as planned

If it’s the only plant, I don’t think there would be a huge problem letting her ride a couple of days. The trichomes will keep doing the thing, but the pollinated flowers will stop bulking and start to work on developing seeds. I wouldn’t go longer than 2 or 3 days. Even the teeny tiny undeveloped seeds make the smoke kind of harsh. After she’s done though, clean the hell outta the tent and entire room.


Yeah it was prob only 5 different spots that had them and the weird part is they appeared in a day or two at spots that I already took branches off from.

She is just making a last ditch effort to seed herself at the end of life. I get that once in the while and it usually happens far too late to ruin the plant.


I get them sometimes. They are not always a problem. There are a lot of times when the nanners are sterile.
Remove the ones you find and let the plant finish. More than likely you will be ok.
Watch the pistils for signs of pollination. Pollenated pistils will turn brown on only the tip.
Like this if pollenated…


Yeah I checked the pistils and none of the tips are brown just the entire pistil thank you

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Thanks for that tip @Spiney_norman.


@MidwestGuy good to know, hadn’t hear that before.

That is a HELLA good looking grow!!!