The Whirly Dirly ConspiracY - Ahh, SCROG IT!

I 2nd that :slight_smile:


My “common sense” told me to start with hydro. I might need to get it checked out by a doctor.


:green_heart: Thanks all :green_heart:


VERY well said :clap:t2: And Ditto!
I’m here every day and I read a variety of topics and I am constantly learning! :hugs:


Tis only how I feel :slight_smile: and I also have read so many journals and topics that I forget which ones I’m actually following :see_no_evil: it’s all good it’s all absorbed! I catch myself almost every night gazing at the “outdoor” section of this forum just wishing :slight_smile: being from the Uk I love that I can see the lovely wonders of weed bringing the world together. Its beautiful to see :heart_eyes:


Have you been to this one? :green_heart: :drooling_face:

  • Oops I see now, you have. Still, one never knows who else might be quitly stalking

Indeed from the start!! They don’t call him @Big123 for nothing :wink:


I’m going to read through your journal here mate I have just found it il be back to you in a bit :sunglasses:

@Budbrother mate I have read through and all up to date sorry you got a little side lined by comments that are off no need to anyone. That method with using live worm’s to do there job like that go’s back for me to the Old school day’s and, I love it @Budbrother you have help so many new and more advanced growers by posting that information thank you for sharing that mate.:ok_hand:

Now my friend both you and @dbrn32 with those articles on the right temps for photosensitivity (you now the word in mean) lol, but again let me thank you both it was an excellent read full off more great information this Site I❤️GM it is just out there, and in my opinion the other Sites and forums ARE along way behind the great people and friends you can talk with about something that we all have in common growing the best medication for ourselves, and, all once we get to know each other are sensitive and thoughtful to each other’s needs with compassion. I have NOT ever found that anywhere else on a growing forum, it’s like it’s always more about trying to better people rather than make anyone feel any different, andi for one feel better about helping my growing family. The fact that we can be so tight and willing to help is just amazing, this is the only such Site in the world as far as I’m concerned for sure. I actually thought that this was going to be the same like all most a battle instead off some consideration and extremely educational stuff to take in with the best possible support and advice I have received in alot off way’s and I thank you all for everything so far my friend’s. @Budbrother get back on track with your grow I’m set to watching right now I’m setting my screen today I can’t wait we can ask everyone loafs off questions and bring it home mate keep growing mate your doing great :v: :100: :v:.


get back to the topic :wink:

It is nearly impossible to keep worms alive in a potted plant. When you water it gets too wet and if they can’t get out they drown while when it dries out before watering they dry up and die. Either way they last a day or two then become castings. There is some benefit from aeration but not much. You would have to put a couple hundred in to make a cup of castings so basically it’s a candy treat for the plant, nothing much more. I throw them in if I find them just for grins but don’t go looking for them.

For grasshoppers, you can cover them with a bug net if it gets bad. Tobacco juice bug spray is easy to make and works on hoppers in place of spinosad. Soak two or three cigarettes in a quart of water overnight and use it as a spray on the surrounding plants and ground and lower stems of the plant. Don’t spray the buds unless you like tobacco.

Those buds are coming along nicely. They should double in size still.


JTotally agreed that the worms are like a candy treat. The added benefits are quite negligible. But hey, if I see them crawling up onto the walls of my house…

I actually made a tobacco/hot sauce spray for them right after it got bad. Appreciate the help there; Great minds an all that. :dart: @Stomper and thanks for stopping by my grow.

Raining here now actually

“Ooo a piece of candy!! Ooo a piece of candy…”



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Wow keep pushing along with your grow and please always offer that free knowledge to me I like having extra money in my pocket. Nice grow and I’m watching your progress. I’ll have to make it up your way or you this way really doesn’t matter and yes Florida is gaining steam with new growers popping up

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How are your ladies doing ?

Today, Heather & Izzy are 40 days old and loving life. I figured I’d grab a few pictures for y’all. I took some before…

& after shots

Ooh and before someone asks me this; No, I haven’t finished building my light yet. I just used a hooded cfl fixture to light the tent for photos. I just f🤬kn’ hate blurple!!


Great pictures and plants.

Tell me more about diy humidifier, please

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You can see my setup above @Kyliegirl146

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@FloridaSon thanks for letting me use your drill