The Don and the Dancer. Grow journal of Godfather OG, Gold Leaf, and auto Do Si Dos

This Godfather OG is a beast. I call it the hulk. No synthetic fertilizers will be used for the entire grow, except maybe for flowering, after they already developed their structure organically.


Looking good! I’ll be doing a godfather og run here soon so ill tag along


Finishing up a gold leaf now in flower. The growth on that strain is crazy fast

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I can see why these plants are so named. They are badass. It’s like they will be able to hold up a truck when they get fully grown. Huge trunks and branches. LST is not easy, but they love topping. I topped the second true set of leaves on every plant except four that I want large single colas on and an auto that I wanted to compare to a topped auto.

The Godfather has very good genetics. I’ll be breeding it with the best plants that I grow. Mixing all the best together to make a super plant.


These are my two autoflower Do Si Dos. Like the godfather OG, these may push out 30% THC. The big one was topped multiple times the other was never topped, but I’m going to do some crazy LST on it.


Trying to see if i can force the plant to train itself through shadows and moving the pots.


My attempt at causing the plant to train itself is working better than I could’ve imagined. It’s already bent to get through the barrier.


Low stress training

High stress training

What is this called? SuperNatural training?


The LST on this plant is tough. This auto is all over the place. Lmao.

I wish I could get a clear picture of it. The nodes on this plant have BB-type bumps where the buds will be produced. This lady is strengthening her branches for a large harvest, it appears. I don’t understand why people don’t train earlier to allow plants the chance to adapt.


Look at those BBs on the nodes. It’s amazing what nature does to strengthen itself, when needed.


Some more of my intentional stretching, using shade. Someone told me that was impossible and that you can only stretch with lighting or genetics. What exactly is shade? A lack of intense light, but not the absence of it.


ILGM does have good genetics, it appears.

First grow so I flowered the photos early just to kind of experiment and keep the sizes down. Some topped, some un-topped. All are grown organically with Foop. That stuff is awesome. The auto that’s furthest along is only about 4-5 weeks into flowering and I already want to smoke a bud. Just look at them in the below pictures.


I love seeing new techniques…good show!

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One technique that I think has a huge potential is fimming. I did it on only one plant. That plant is probably going to produce more than any of the others. The spread on it is amazing and it almost immediately shot out six main branches after being fimmed. This is a Godfather OG. Pictured is the canopy and below the canopy so you can see what happened with the fim. It has four main branches out of one knuckle and another two below. There’s also more growing out of the knuckle, formed by the four previous branches.

Halfway through my first grow, here are my observations:

  • autoflowers are easy to grow. My next grow will probably consist of vegging photos until the autos are harvested so they get 18/6 the entire time.

  • Gold Leaf is an easy plant to train if you want to make shapes and stuff with the branches. Don’t try training heavily or using LST clips on Godfather OG. The branches on those plants are strong and fibrous and will break.

  • I’m going to need a lot of fertilizer to veg plants properly. I have a couple synthetic fertilizers that I’d trade for some Foop. I have lots of Jacks 321 and some reefertlizer that’s all unused since I bought the Foop. If I’m ingesting this, I want organic.

  • the smell everyone talks about is welcome in my pad. I sometimes have to walk outside for a bit, just so I can come in and smell it fresh, without being nose-blinded by living in the smell. I wonder if people can smell it on me? Pondering minds want to know.

Here’s the type of thing you can do with a gold leaf strain:

And here’s the fimmed plant:



Definitely an interesting first grow, so far. I’ve had to battle PH issues, spider mites, broken branches, and more. I’ve learned a ton, though.

This gold leaf is shooting trichomes out already.

This do si dos auto is turning out to be a gorgeous plant. Looking forward to seeing the un-topped cola. You can definitely see it’ll be a beast.

And this godfather OG is very large.

This is the start of the un-topped do si dos cola.

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This is the one plant that I Fimmed. It’s amazing how well that worked. Look at the amount of colas. I don’t know why people don’t fim every plant if this is what happens.

Godfather OG

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First harvest. Took this pic with phone and jewelers like so not the greatest. Is this cloudy?

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I’m thinking this is close to being ready, but this is my first grow so I’d like expert opinions, if possible. This is one of the do si dos autos.

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This is turning into a jungle. Yikes! That sure is going to be a lot of good herb, though. The gold leaf plants are very tall. The godfather OG plants are short and bushy. The do si dos plants are a good medium.

The back middle is the best plant I have. Godfather OG.

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So my two auto-flowers started getting really bad. Leaves started curling and clawing, as if they were overwatered. I dried them out thoroughly, but no change. I ended up taking the plants out of the containers and noticed they were root bound. I never expected a root bound auto-flower in a five gallon container. So I put them into some fabric 20-gallon pots that I had laying around. Unfortunately I only had enough soil for one and the other got some compost from a compost pile. That one is staying outside to avoid insect contamination now. The one inside started to immediately perk up.

Is it normal for an auto-flower to become root bound in a five gallon container?