Summer grow begins

Dropped Blue Dream and Godfather OG seeds today. I will be running a flood table in one tent and Auto pots in the other.
Wish me luck.


Best of luck! Happy growing!

Luck to you!

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Checked my seeds early this morning and no sign of life. Checked again a few minutes ago and they are busting open now.

Once upon a time, I used the microwave to warm.
Used it too much, most all seeds exploded, instantly.

The Godfather OG had a 1/2 tail this morning so it got a trip to the solo cup. Used some soil from my last grow to keep from possibly burning the new seedling.
The Blue Dream seems to have hit a wall. The seed split open but hasn’t progressed. I dropped another seed to replace it this morning.
I followed ILGM seed guidelines to the letter. I did add a few drops of peroxide to each cup.

Always a good plan.
Monthly, I should start a couple of seeds, just for the continuous
Just bought some Afghan Auto seeds and the Gold Leaf (on sale).

The original Blue Dream seed seems to have some fuzz starting to grow where it split open. The second seed has yet to split open.
The Godfather OG is about 1 inch tall now. I had to carefully remove the seed hull from the seedling. It is looking good so far.

The second blue dream seed isn’t showing any signs of opening up. I’ll give it a little more time.
My Godfather OG bit the dust. It was up about 1 inch in a solo cup with soil. I had a clear solo cup on top. Dirt was moist.
I checked it this morning and it was broken half way down the stem. This makes absolutely no sense to me.
I’ll drop another bean to replace that plant.
This is irritating :angry:.