Thanks for all the help everyone

With all the fine people and information avaiable here. I pulled by far my biggest harvest so far. Cut down my 2 gg4 plants still have 1 bd to go. I have to thoroughly go thru the buds as I found a couple up top that had issues. 1 looked like bud rot but not sure scrapped it. And another that has white mold? I still have that 1 seperated out will try and get some more pics.


Cobweb mold? Peroxide will get rid of it.

Sorry to hear of other forms of mold. A bud wash is probably a good idea. How long has it been drying? Bud washing is great. You’d be surprised how much crap washes off your buds, even with an indoor grow. Trichomes are sticky and attract all kinds of junk.

I’ve always bud washed with just peroxide (a cup of peroxide to 2 gallons of water.) Other folks have more elaborate forms of bud washing involving things like lemon juice and baking soda. I’ve never tried that. Peroxide, lemon juice, and baking soda don’t harm trichomes.


Its been about 48 hrs since the chop i did bud wash some of it. I need bigger containers to do it properly. I meant to get some before we started chop. Silly stoner :laughing:.
Ill get a pic of the cobweb mildew? With the scope after i get done checking on the bd and watering the mothers and clones.

Could be powdery mildew too. It is white. If the mold is web(ish) looking, it is cobweb mold. White powdery mildew looks like a powder.


Or I sometimes describe it as overspraying with some white spraypaint type look. It often will drip white just like running spray paint.

@Dyme, love the gg harvest. Nice job. That’s what I am pheno hunting this year. A bunch of gg4 crosses.

Looks like you will have plenty if a few buds have to go to the compost pit. Nice looking grow there. :eyes:

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@MidwestGuy @noddykitty1
This is the white stuff in question on the one bud. Looks stringy mold like to me.