Tent was a little chilly

Hey everyone, so i soaked my seeds for 24 hours. Then I put them in the wet paper towels and in a bag for a few days until the sprout got about a half inch long. Put them into cups with soil and put them into my tent under a t5 for heat. It stayed around 62 for 4 days in tent and nothing. I purchased a heat mat and have that under them for the last couple of day. Still nothing. Is there still hope that they will pop? Or was it too cold for them to grow

I don’t know if they will make it. Your temps for seedlings is way low. :rofl: :bat:

Are they under a dome to keep the humidity up? How far away is the light?

Yes they are under domes. Light is just above domes. Guess I was jumping the gun a little bit and getting inpatient. Just moved a little soil and I see green in there so they are coming. Think the cold slowed them down a little. I have a heat pad and a small heater in the tent now.


You only need to put the seeds a 1/4 inch deep…

You probably just put them in the soil to deep…

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There climbing out the grave you dug :rofl: dont count them out they are weed seed lol

they didnt make it. :cry:
I think it was just too cold at the start.