Teas made with cannabis roots

So I just read about using cannabis roots for teas and tintures. Curious about extraction methods and what is good for. Any information would be appreciated

Never done it but using roots to make tea is simple. 1) Extract roots from soil.
2) rinse thuroughly make sure all dirt is gone and only roots remain.
3) allow to dry completely, should be brittle and able to be ground.
4)after dried grind into powder and make tea using tea ball or coffee filter/tea bag.


The girls love broken down cannabis root , i reuse the coco coir after months of letting the bacteria break down leftover roots and it adds tons of natural humic acid and nitrogen to the soil, perfect for the babies

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So wait, I us e soil but I can dry and powder to use as fert for next round of ladies?


If you are using a living soil the microbes and fungi will consume it (decayed organic material) as they do in a compost pile.

I sometimes use composted cannabis leaves and plant material in my potting soil as a gentle seedling boost (with the FoxFarms HF soils). Where I grow it is legal to open-air compost your cannabis plants, so I have a separate composter (old cracked cermaic crock I got at an antique shop) and put cannabis leaves and harvested plants, coffee grounds, peels, etc in it every once in a while to make an amendment for seedlings. It is like putting old tomato plants back into the soil in the garden where you grow them…the stuff needed to grow them is in the plant itself, so it almost like a targeted fertilizer, giving exactly what the plant needs.


Extraction is very easy. Wash the dirt out and dry it to grind in a smooth powder. Cannabis roots include several health benefits like reducing inflammation, treating infection, and joint pains.


I love the idea of making a weed brew! It’s a smart way to use all parts of the plant and it’s super chill to sip on for a mellow high. Plus, you get to feel good about not wasting anything lol


Yo, digging into cannabis roots for teas and tinctures, huh? That’s some next-level stuff! For extraction, you can try boiling the roots or soaking them in alcohol to pull out the good stuff. Roots are packed with nutrients and can be good for teas, tinctures, or even topicals. Give it a shot and see how it vibes with you!