General questions about cannabis leaves and roots

Before I post this question and I search on this topic and can not find any discussion, so I start it as the new topic. I am totally new to growing cannabis, so this question may sound silly.

From reading multiple books, discussion Q/A, etc., they all talking about using buds (of course) and the leaves around the buds (saved the trimming leaves and get the resins for hash, etc.)

My question is, what about the rest of the leaves (no resin on them, just leaves) and cannabis’ roots?
Are you guys just trash these or is there use for the leaves and roots? Some mentioned roots can be used for tea, etc., but I can’t really find much discussion about it anywhere.


These seem to be reasonable questions to me @THCCBD

Perhaps some of the more experienced folks will have some interesting answers.

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Not an odd question by any means most growers are out for the great kolas and buds and yes we do tend to get picky as our supply improves and use less of our plants. THC and CBD’s are present in whole plant but of greatest concentration in it’s flowers/buds and diminishes as you get past leaves to stalks. I use about 70% of my plant buds are hung and dried sugar leaves are dried on screen and most non browned fan leaves are mixed with kola stalks sugar leaves and ground to do BHO extraction RSO or Coconut oil when I am done trunk and roots are all that remain though debate giving the trunk to my dogs :wink:
I have had several root teas over the years but not bothered to make my own I could see it having some merrits. likely because drying roots just seemed like adding more work for less return after hours of trimming and harvesting


I can do a lot of things with the rest of the plant such as raw juice with the fresh leaves and pétiole and use it for additive in my smoothies or I can bone dry it, made a flour and use it as an additive to the regular flour to make bread or pastry and also in smoothies…

For the stalk and roots I am yet to find something but it’s as strong fibers that our ancester use it for clothing and made ropes with the stalk and roots could be use to made milk with fresh roots or body cream, I heard…

In hope that’s giving you some response to your questionning @THCCBD

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In theory if shooting for RSO or CBD’s a person could hang and dry entire plant roots and all dry grind decarb and off you go but it is all about targeted harvesting. Each area of the plant has different potential and flavor profile if you want to get high reduce pain or relax a tea would have decent CBD but very little else


Thank you all @merlin44 @Donaldj @Niala for the comments/ideas/suggestions.
As I mentioned, it is my very first time growing and all these Q/A are interesting to me.


Keeps the mind active and always learning so never be shy with questions


@THCCBD making a tea from the roots doesn’t seem unreasonable. Or from the fan leaves. Since this topic isn’t studied, it’s a possibility there’s good stuff in the roots. Like CBD or more.
Thanks for the tag @merlin44


This also holds my interests. I believe the entire plant can be of use


Since starting this post, I have been searching and reading about usage of leaves and roots. It seems to have many recipes; mixing with other ingredients, i.e. mixing with coconut butter to make some edibles, essential oil to make topical med and dried the roots for tea, etc. However, as @Donaldj said it comes down to time/energy spend vs how much value it would provide me especially not knowing how much THC/CBD contents in them.

I probably will try to make the topical ointment from the roots when its time for harvest my plants. At least once, just to see if it would work or not.

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I use the whole plant now.
I`'ll take the stock and branches and run them through my shreader


How do you use them?

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I have a Rosineer and I make oil

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