Fan and sugar leaf usage

To all my experienced growers out there, what do y’all typically do with your leaves? I know pretty much everything but the stem/roots have THC/CBD just at lower levels.

What’s everyone’s experience been? Worth it to make edibles or tea? Or is it too much of a hassle compared to the psychoactive effects?

I also read an article that said you can juice and it essentially eat/drink it raw? Anyone ever done that? I’d be curious to know how it is!

Hash. I’m gonna make hash

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I take my trim and larf and dry and make tincture. I use the tincture while the bud is curing. Keeps me from early sampling of buds and gets me incredibly high.


Hash, plain old bubble hash.

I have juiced fan leafs and added it to cocktails and cooking. I didn’t think much of it

You can make anything you want out of them - edibles, tinctures, tea, etc.
Everything is usable except the roots, but the amount of THC in the various parts of the plant varies greatly.
Credit to @blackthumbbetty for providing this a long time ago:

Approximate THC per gram of dried material in a 15% THC sample
Bud 150mg
Kief 300mg
Sugar Trim 35mg
Fans/stems/etc 10mg

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The roots are usable, too, but they won’t get you high.


Are you eating the roots??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t, personally, but many people make a tonic from the roots. There are useful compounds in the roots, but no cannabinoids/terps/etc.

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People jiice whole cannabis plants for nutritional benefits, it wont get you high, you need to carboxylate it with heat first to activate the get high molecule!

I saw someone gave their dog the stalk to chew on after harvest. I know my boy would love that. Is there any harm in that @blackthumbbetty?

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You can make tea with them yes. Just steep in boiling water. Or…you could also compost em if you using soil. My fan leaves I usually juice and make dry ice hash with my sugars. All you gotta do is take your dried leaves add to bubble hash bags drop in dry ice and shake. From there I add it to Ls and make butter. A lb of dry is is more than enough for my grows typically.

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THCA and such is fine for dogs, so the stem should make a great stick. Don’t let em choke on it, of course.

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I took a half pound of sugar leaf and made bubble hash.It was surprisingly good,but only got about 4 grams our of it,so I compost or trash my fan leaves.The sugar leaf makes great tinctures and oil,and also great bubble hash :grinning:. I started making my own capes doing alcohol extraction and adding terpenes .

I meant VAPES