Taco and discolored leaves

WW fem. In 3rd week of flower. In FFOF , transplanted to 3 gal right before the 12/12 switch. Its grow here. Do I have anything to worry about this late in the game. I did feed for the 1st time 2 days ago with 2 of the 3 trio. Symptoms were there before the feeding. Besides the taco leaves and occasional discolored leaves, they seem to be doing well with many bud sites. Also the discolored leaves tend to be near the top. Thanks.

Forgot to add. Temps 77-81. Humidity 35%.

How about a decent overall picture of the plant? In natural light…you may be seeing some N toxicity but need to see the whole plant. The discoloration is a genetic mutation.

That was natural light. Here is the whole plant.

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Plant looks good, I would not add anything but water for the near term. You are just starting to see some tip burn which is an indication that you are at the plant’s limit. Leaves are dark but not enough to change anything IMO. Taco’ing leaves is usually associated with heat stress or N toxicity. Not to be confused with the plant ‘posturing’ for night time. Plants anticipate lights out and change their shape an hour or so before.

Thanks appreciate it. I thought I was ok but wanted to be sure.

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Looks like a happy healthy girl. You are doing fine.