Any idea what is going on here? Dark edges

The taco leaves are heat related i know that but is the darkening edges patt of it?

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I would like to know also, I have a similar issue with the darker ends and mine are turning down. I read somewhere that the dark ends could be to much nitrogen?

Nitrogen toxicity presents as burned tips (and edges if advanced.) The tips will be browned and dried.

Nitrogen toxicity looks like this when advanced. Accompanying symptoms will be dark green, waxy leaves.

@Africanplainstrain keep an eye on it, but I don’t really see anything to worry about at this point. The plant looks very healthy and new growth is coming in fine. I suspect that it is genetic coloration and nothing to worry about.


Light causes heat, heat causes too much moisture loss plant cannot keep up thus leaves mis shape taco burn or more precise loss all their moisture causing the outer burned edge effect .

Your young plant looks two inches tall when should be twelve at least by that stage and the flowering one so short and a single cola style I think, yer it got too much light should be a couple foot taller at least or trained to be low.

So shes had a tough go of it.

Her cotyledon leaves one was heavily damaged when it got stuck in the shell.

I’m letting her grow but yeah she has had a rough one.

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The node length or distance between leaves should be a lot more, just get this crappy short growth when too much light. It seems more an environment issue not fertilizer but often without knowing what it is you compound the issue with fertilizer.

She was a runt but I’m tryinh to get her going because honestly even with the issues shes pushed and shes a photoperiod sativa so she has as much time as she wants.