Switch from spray bottle to water can

I am one week into the seedling stage. At what point do I go from a spray bottle to normal watering?


Thats about the time I started using a squeeze bottle, like a condiment type deal.
made it nice to control amount and location.


@Lightyear I use a large 100ml syringe to water seedlings.


After the seedling period of 14-16 days will work. I transplant from solo cup to their forever home at this mark and water a circle approximately 2-4” away from the main stem to promote root growth. This is a daily event for me in coco but soil would have a few days in between :love_you_gesture:

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I’m sure some of the other more experienced growers will help you out but in my particular case I am just now at 14 days with one of mine and I started watering that one about 5 or 6 days ago because it was already on its third set of true leaves and I felt that the spray bottle was not giving it enough water because my leaves were looking kind of dry and curling up so I just go by when I think it can actually handle the watering and you also have to consider what size pot you’re planted in not to overwater it in fact a lot of people recommend doming it with like a clear water bottle cut in half on and off for the first week or two and creating enough humidity and moisture so the seedling could draw water from that but even on my oldest plant I still mist it every single day two smaller ones are a few days old the larger one is 14 days old I mist the smaller ones and I mist the soil enough so it’s not very dry and then I’ll give it a few extra squirts till I think the water can penetrate the soil enough to reach the roots but not too much cuz you don’t want to drown them and create root rot and obviously the bigger one I water it till run off and feel the weight of the pot and then I wait and constantly check the weight of the pot compared to the weight of the pot with the seedlings and when I feel that the one that I just fully water it starts to get light and I see the soil start to dry then I’ll water it again which comes out to about once a week as of right now

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I never use a spray bottle. I hate getting the leaves wet. I just gently water around it. However you can do that. Just don’t knock it over with water.


First grow kit had neets oil, thats okay,

I think spraying with my hlg light burned water spots onto the leaves.

I think, its like a magnifying glass effect. First grow, spots looked similar to spider mite spots, didnt have mites. Caught that very fast. Neets oil okay till flowering, wife did spraying at lights out then on.

Fans was in use, on low. Lesson learned we think.

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I. Use a turkey baster when seedlings are ready to take water


I purposely wet the leaves because they also absorb water and food(foliar feed) not just the roots but that’s just whats been working for me

I know some people do, I just think it promotes spotting, and possible light burn on the leaves. If you get get results, that’s all that matters.


I LOVE this idea!!! I usually use a tablespoon and theat way I know how much I’m giving them… but that bottle idea? Magnificent!


I grow in coco and usually start watering to runoff after about a week. I actually started on day four this grow just to see how it would work out. Really hard to over water in coco. In soil I’d probably start watering with a can about two weeks in.