Seedling Watering Questions

Hi all, wondering about watering seedlings. My last grow was an unmitigated failure because of bad soil combined with overwatering so I’m erring on the side of caution this time around.

Here’s what the plants look like 4 days after emerging:

Solo cup filled with Fox Farms 80-20 Happy Frog and perlite mix with a peat pellet inserted for germination.

I have been keeping them moist by spraying with a spray bottle 2 or 3 times a day, letting it dry completely in between sprays. It seems to be doing them very well so far, but my main question is when to start watering traditionally. Will it still develop a proper root system if it’s only being sprayed and not being soil-watered? When do I switch from spraying to watering the soil?

Thanks in advance!

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If you mist the “dome” she will get all the moisture she needs from the 1st leaf set. After the leaves reach to edge of the dome i remove it. I will DRIP a few drops of water when the 3rd set of leaves show up. An occasional mist of the soil is ok just dont keep it damp. She’s looking good at this point


yep. and the peat pucks they hold what 20x their weight in water or something really high. I’d keep in mind it might be more wet than the surface reveals. edit I want to add nice green leaves, looks really good.

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I agree a dome and no water except spraying inside dome. Not plant. Also break up the peat pellet when you transplant. They become rocks sometimes.

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Seedlings=no water in my books. Put a seed in water. Get another cup, add soil and get it wet and do nothing to it. Wait until tail pops out, put tail seed into cup you prepared 2 days before that now has damp soil in it. Put a dome over it, chuck it under a t5 or equivalent and do nothing to it. Better yet forget you even planted it. Come back on a few days, remove the dome and give a splash of water and forget about it for another week. Now time to up pot and you’re off and running. Plants have grown for eons without someone pampering it. Itll grow, its what they do. Sometimes less is more.


I agree. I have 4 that are being slow. Potted the beans 4 days or so ago. I wont stress them popping the head for another week.


I think the hardest lesson to learn growing is that you usually don’t need to do something everyday never mind multiple times a day. I love being a lazy farmer. I love when i check on the ladys after a day or so and am blown away with how much they have changed and grown. You don’t get that when you look at them every 4 minutes

Now don’t get me wrong im not saying i don’t sit in front of them, mesmerized by the lush green beauty of it all. Its one of my pastimes. Gazing and pondering.


I plant my seed straight into moistened soil, and never have a problem. I put a baggie over my cup until it comes up. Probably only need to water once or twice before transplanting. I never spray the leaves.

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