Surprise, its Twins!

Ok, talk about NOOB moves.

I’m about 1-2weeks from harvest so I decided to germinate my next cycle of plants.
My space is limited so 3 plants is a good number. I germinated an ILGM Gorilla Glue seed
7-10 days ago. The little seedling popped a tail and like always I dropped it into the nursery
pot just one pencil eraser deep into the soil. Waited 4-5 days and nothing happened. So I
figured it was a dud. No worries, it happens. So I did another ILGM Gorilla Glue seed.
Same as last time. tail down and then in 2 days I had a green cap pop up thru the soil.
Ok things are looking good, I went to snap a photo of the three baby plants.

Didn’t take a second look. I left my apartment and began my errands journey. I met up
with an old friend (Who also grows) and we were looking at each others photographs.
He tapped me on the arm and said “Where did you get your dirt”? I know it came from a horticulture supplier so I asked why? He said " you have weeds bro". Confused I looked closer
and S.O.B. (which I said very loudly and got the stink eye from a woman pushing a stroller and a baby inside with another very young child in tow. I apologized and continued on. When I get
back to my apt, I couldn’t believe my eyeballs. A seed I attempted to germinate almost 2 weeks
ago decided to make an appearance. It was trying to push up thru the plastic!!!
So I cut the plastic back a bit more and what a surprise, the other Gorilla Glue seed.

So now I have to separate and make room for a 4th plant. Not the worst surprise in the world but
definitely a surprise. My noobishness know no bounds!!


You won the pot lottery lol

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