Found seedling growing in bag

So on Dec. 7 I planted 4 Gorilla Glue seeds that have sprouted, only 3 of them broke ground the 4th I gave it an extra week still no sprout so I threw all the dirt in the solo cup into a ziplock bag. About a month later I saw roots growing within and decided to try and grow it. I managed to find the cotyledons and plant it out of the dirt with the roots going towards the bottom of the solo cup. Without this plant growing correctly in its beginning stage how will it hold up later in growth? Should I prop it up with a toothpick or leave it how it is?

I’d get another one going as backup and let this one grow and see what happens.

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It will be similar to the other if done the same

These are the other 3 that germinated with the 4th that is just starting out. I have 7 plants at this moment 4 in a 4x4 9weeks old and 3 in the 3x3 well 4 now but am unsure if I can grow the stunted one. It’s an added challenge I guess as I already have all the plants I want

I would prop it up maybe set it on a book or something, to get it a little closer to the light.
Put a dome on it and let it ride. They are weeds and want to grow, pretty resilient suckers. Would be a good challenge and learning experience. Just my 2 cents.

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I always like to root for the underdog. If you pull it off and it’s a beast it’s all the more special.


Lower your light so it won’t stretch as much. 20-24”


So you made Jiffy Pot???

Prop it up, it will be fine. My first grow did this. I used a piece of wood across the top of my pot to hold it up and mounded a little compost around the base of the stem until I figured out what I was doing wrong. I used to forget about the little mound when I watered and washed it away all the time. One of the joys of me having a broken brain is a dodgy memory :crazy_face: