Problems With Gorilla Glue Seed Germinating

Hello yet again,

I received 20 GG seeds from ILGM.

I am not a novice at growing pot.

I took 5 seeds and placed them in water (per ILGM video.)

When they did not germinate after 7 days I placed them in soil and under florescent lights approx 4-6 inches.

I took another 5 seeds soaked for 24 hours an then placed them between moist paper towels.

I took another 5 seeds and placed then directly in soil outside.

I live in the desert and temps are 65 - 90 degrees which is good conditions.

I know this because each year lawns are replanted when the Bermuda grass goes dormant.

Seeds are just broadcast on top of the soil and the grass germinates in less than 4 days.

As of yet not one GG seed has cracked the shell or sprouted from soil.

This is getting tiresome to say the least.

I would like to add that I had residual seeds from that I had purchased 4 months ago and they germinated in 72 hours and sprouted from soil in 7 days so the problem is obviously the GG seeds not the methodology.

Anyone else having these problems or have helpful suggestions?

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Here is some auto flower I harvested a month ago. The images were taken 3 weeks before I pulled them. Seeds were from ILGM. If I am not mistaken the seeds were a strain developed by Robert Bergman. I was very happy with the results. Not so much with the last seeds.

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I’ve e had 100% success rate on GG. Moist toilet paper in a bag. Done it this way since the 80s. My partner has stuck some in grow medium (which I’m not a fan off, old school some here unless outside) and they have all popped. I’ve had I bet 99% success in all breed of seeds from ilgm. Believe it or not I have some bag seed strains the seeds were from the Vietnam ara (early 70s) and popped…


I bought a 10 pk of trainwreck photo fems ilgm so far 1 out of 6 got a tail and is a super small plant. 3 days hasnt grown a sixteenth of an inch. They will replace seeds. Recover your seeds so u can get a replacement lol.

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I live in the desert and humidity is usually under 15% so would have to be careful of the moistened toilet paper drying out but I will give it a try.
Always open to new grow ideas.
I have always used paper towels. I watched the video on ILGM where they placed the seeds in water and tried that for the first time and probably the last.
Seed germination is not supposed to be rocket science or we all would starve.
I appreciate the feedback,

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Thanks for feedback. ILGM has been good about standing behind their product. Since I have had issues with 2 different strains I keep good records and send them updates every few days.
I am hopeful that it was just a bad run of luck and that the next seeds will produce.

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That is great that the 70’s seeds germinated.
Now if I can get these 2020 seeds to germinate all will be good.


Humidity is terrible here in the winter. Was 17 rh in my man cave the other night. Have misters in both my rooms during the winter to bring up humidity. Regarding toilet paper or paper towel moist them up squeeze out some excess leave moist stick in a plastic bag stick in a dark place. Dunno what else to say about that…
Wish you luck!

I use damp paper towel in bag with air trapped in and put on cable box or something warm too.

If you used the recommended procedure and can’t get them to germinate, save the seeds and send pictures to customer service through the seed shop.


So following your method sounds reasonable. The use of the cable box is certainly original to me. How long are your seeds taking to produce a top root? What is the length of the tap root when you remove and place into a growing medium? I think I will give the “Cable Box Method” a shot, wet and warm seed sounds like a winning combo.

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2-3 days usually. I have had some cracked checking in 24 hours and a few take maybe 4-5 days. But most fall into that 2-3 day range. I just bought into the “warm and wet” for germination and it hasn’t failed me yet.

I don’t like to let tap roots get very long, maybe 1/4" or less. Basically just enough to identify that the seed is indeed going to produce a root. Reason being is that I put shell down and tap up then cover. The tap root right itself and there is less chance shell will be on cots when it pops. I picked up that tip from an article Mr. Soul wrote while back and have had 0 helmets since.


I’ve had 2 GG seeds sitting in water for 3 days and no tails :frowning:

Just went thru 15 seeds of GG and was skunked. Kept a detailed record and opened a dialog with ILGM after the first week. So far they have been supportive in their suggestions and have stood behind their guarantee regarding germination of seeds. I did learn what I think will be a better way to germinate seeds from DBRN32. “damp paper towel in bag with air trapped in and put on cable box” so there is a positive in here.
Good luck,

The damp paper towel in a puffed up ziplock makes a lot of sense. I’m doing that with my next two seeds, putting them on a warming mat and covering with a towel. will report results.

I started germination of 10 Gold Leaf 4 days ago.
I have one seed out of 10 that has germinated so far.

Kinda of opposite of what should be occurring.

After two days, one seed has germinated with a 1/2 cm root. I planted it root down in 5 gallon fabric planter and covered it with the bottom of a tupperware bowl. I’ll wait a few more days to see if the other seed germinates as well.

I too have had 99% success with GG from IGLM but soak them for 4 days and plant. I use a very small controlled environment. Not high tech by any means, simple. Wetting down cardboard for humidity, air flow, light 5k LED from Home Depot. Heat, very little generated from this light. Happy plants and super cheap. You Tube knock off, I won’t take credit. But work??! This is ten days of growth



I hear ya lol

Weird indeed, never used any special water or anything ever and In winter like right now it’s cold out inside in the room im in rh is 23 gets into the teens. Never had issues so never really thought about the what if…Hope things get better for you. Try sticking str8 in dirt ? :thinking::man_shrugging:

Newolhead, never seen something like that before looks good though. I’m on 2nd harvest of gg and gg #4 gg from ilgm and the gg4 were actually clones I got from someplace but all easy grows really. Gg4 seemed to need more watering but any way alls good…

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