1st grow, newbie. Question

I just sprouted 2 gorrila glue and put them in soil with a plastic cup cover. Average 77f and 70%humid, led 24/7. How many days before I should see a plant emerge?


Hi! Welcome to the community! Iā€™m a newer grower. Mine usually pop their little heads up between 1-3 days of dropping. With that being said every seed is different. I think up to 7 days is average


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Welcome. You have found a great place to come and learn.


Agree with @Lorenda_x 100%
Could be just 1-3 days up to a 7-10


Welcome to the club!!!

I do the same method, but i have a heat pad under mine until sprout. After that, I remove the dome and pad (maybe have the dome in for another day or two, for increased humidity).

It takes me 3 days on average.


welcome to the community! Most of my seeds with pop up in 2-4 days. I give them 10 days before I give up and plant another seed. I did have one sprout 8 days after planting but it came up wonky. I had accidentally covered it with a small rock in the soil. I removed it which allowed it to sprout but its stem was probably 3-4x normal diameter. Its like it was trying to build a strong enough stem to move the rock. Its crazy how plants can adapt and overcome. I was eager to see if it grow into an incredible hulk plant (it actually was a bruce banner) but it sadly died a few days later. :cry: Not much useful info i know sorry. This community is full of very knowledgeable and helpful people. happy growing!

Welcome to the community!
Good Growing to you