Supposed to be harvest day I can’t win 😂

So I’m supposed to cut this am but it’s really cold like… 38 degrees…is it ok to cut them if it’s that

cool? I only have a kerosene heater right now …they in the dark for48 … what do I do … thanks in advance


If she’s ready to chop then take her down. I took one down the other day, outside temperature was 32°F. Now I did bring her inside to dry.


Thanks Dave … already have a humble pie going sprouting


Looking good @Beardy1, good luck with the grow :+1:

Omg that was so painful cutting them … made me sad … buuuuuuut… it’s done : )…


I remember the first time I cut one down, felt the same way.

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We’re these not ready yet? I’ve cut mine down as low as 28°f a few times and never had issues. Put depends on the stain though too.

No thank was just concerned about temps affecting it… my first grow and harvest have had so many problems but at least I finished… be better prepared next time

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You aren’t drying them there, are you?

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Yay! Now comes waiting then the dreaded trimming! It’s taking me forever to trim.

Yo @Beardy1 what is the environment in that shed?

Im hoping that shed has at least 65f and an Rh of around 55 - 60? Nothing worse than putting all that effort into growing cannabis to attempt to dry it in a cold, damp non ventilated space! Scares the crap out if me to hang my dope and either not get 10 days of dry time or moldy weed!

Omg I know but it’s not too bad it’s actually a greenhouse… plenty of ventilation … I have a Small heater and dehumidifier in there and fans to circulate air …need to be stealthy and funds are limited it’s becoming a pain… but I have a we dryer coming tomorrow it’s kind of my only option right now so I can put it inside … you guys and girls are awesome I really appreciate all your input here … I’ll be doing my next one indoors … soil suggestions and nutes ?it will be my second grow humble pie I need to stay Low and wide … my tent … 2x4x5😊 also should I go right to my final size pot when I transplant pretty sure it’s time and should I TOP it now also?

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That’s a problem I’d love to have to much :joy::joy:

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