2 Chop or Not, So Sad, Everything Went a Miss

Mornin, I need Help, please. Im not sure if this is GG or WW. Im in NY, we usually go to Oct. the days are just starting to go 50/50. But … and I’m embarrassed to even show you guys the pic, i woke up to these crispy leaves. And yeah I fertilized it two days ago. Im also seeing a bit of rot. So yes i started trimming the bigger yellow leaves, the past few days. So my question, should i cut the top. I think it maybe ready. I no longer have white hairs. Its the 1st time im growing anything worth wild.
Thanks a “bunch”
That last pic w/ the pups was taken about 4 days ago GSC in the background


Hard to see the trichomes from these pics Growmie,

:point_up_2: removing the leaves won’t remove the bud rot, those buds should be removed and suggest a bud wash.

The circled areas look suspiciously like rot :love_you_gesture:


need to see close ups of the trichs to be sure

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Again trichomes are everything !!

Thanks so much for the answer. I guess I couldnt let go of the October rule. Ive been watching the trichomes, so I’m confident …… i cut the top and bigger side branches this am. Got em hanging in my “dark room setup”. See I’m learnin


Bud wash… ive been reading everthing i can, saw some wild pics. It seems crazy to me. Bur at this point im ready to learn. The problem, i have so much bud, that i think i may need a crew!! Any volunteers!! Lol😎


I believe you over fertilized them i thank you got alot of nute burn from 2 days ago

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